Orentation park

In the forest, just below the Vitranc peak, the wind can be heard between the branches. If you listen well, you will hear that the wind tells you a very special story.

In order to be part of the story, follow the hints that are waiting for you on the go. Only a sharp eye, an open heart and splash of imagination will lead you to the heroes that you have read about in all well-known books.

Kekec and his companion have hidden you well. Why? Because they want to rebuild your research spirit and check how much a hero is hiding in you. Will the sudden wind from the steep mountains scare you? Will the game of sun rays among the canopy of trees convince you to follow your feelings? What if a scared rabbit jumps out of the bushes?

All this and much more you can get on the way, wich is calling for adventures. We believe that the courageous hearts of our youngest visitors will beat faster and that the desire to achieve new ventures will give them wings. What about the parents? Are you brave enough to join them or are you too afraid to meet Bedanc and Pehto?

We challenge you – let the child within you forget about the world of adults for a moment, the world of worry. Step back into shoes that you could easily step into long time ago. And you will find that it does not take much of an effort to be simply happy – the green scenery of the forest will make you smile again…

The Thematic-Orientation Park represents an active and somewhat different approach to the enrichment of the recreational offer.
It is intended for children, families and other visitors in the context of an interesting acquaintance of the natural and cultural heritage of the place, animation and recreation in the natural environment.

The park has five thematic points. At each point one of the heroes of Vandot’s story is presented: Kekec, Bedanc, Mojca, Pehta and Rožle. The visitors’ task is to find all five heroes from the starting point at Bedančev dom.

At the Bedančev dom at the end you can sweeten with ice cream or refreshing beverage, we can also prepare an excellent coffee!

Park is available to visitors free of charge.

  • CLIENT Kranjska Gora
  • YEAR Zabava
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